Update on laser polymer stamps

Today is the first time I’ve tried engraving laser polymer stamps since my first adventures, when power settings were very different. I thought I’d revisit the process using the new settings, and let me tell you they work great!

First off, the settings for Art Stamp Laser Polymer that gave me good results are as follows:

Prepare your file as a raster engrave rather than vector engrave, to get access to the Vary Power function. Do three passes of Speed 1000, Power 100, Greyscale setting Vary Power with a minimum of 1, 225 LPI with a material height of 0.144 inches. Using these settings I created a stamp from an inverted PNG that had a bit of grey around the letters to provide a slight slope to the stamp, which supports the sides of the stamping areas. Note that the typeface I was using was kinda squiggly, so that came out in the stamp:


I did another stamp which shows that you can do quite thin lines with this stuff. Dime included for scale:


So, have at it folks!


I love it. wouldn’t have guessed the scale without the dime. That was a surprise


Looks great! Can’t wait to play with this - thanks for the setting guidelines. :+1:

Those are fantastic! Can’t believe the detail on your little kitty :cat:!

Verra Nice!

Did you find that you had to play with the glow effects to get a working engrave curve that worked, or did you nail it on the first try?

Well, what you see in the above file was my first engrave attempt, but I confess that I did quite a lot in Photoshop to get it to that point:

  • Applied Neon Glow filter with Glow Size 24, Glow Brightness 11.

  • On another copy, applied Outer Glow layer effect with blend mode Multiply (this layer is above the Neon Glow layer), opacity 21, technique Precise, spread 9%, size 250 px, custom contour, range 43%, jitter 0%. These numbers would change depending on how large the image is.

That got me the levels of gray around the image that I was shooting for, and Outer Glow alone didn’t seem to cut it.


Love the clarity in such a small stamp. I can’t wait!!!