Update on My Pro Died last week

I am quite upset with Glowforge customer service right now. I understand we are all in difficult times right now, but when I’m told 2 conflicting things by the same person, I wonder if the left hand knows what the right hand is even doing. I had to refund $836.00 to customers yesterday and who knows how many new customers because of this. Living on Social Security and having to refund this money put us in quite a bind. All I was asking for was a ship date so I could tell them, I can’t even get a straight answer for that. Most of these were for Retiring Military, Retiring Law Enforcement and Weddings. I had a contract with a Marine Air Wing unit in Okinawa and have now lost that because I can’t give them a delivery date. They give our flags to outgoing personnel. Seems to me with the loss we now have incurred, I have let them know, They would send me out a new unit to take care of this problem. I love my GF Pro, it works very well for our needs, but with these conflicting emails, I am quickly losing confidence in them. I have reached out to Dan, don’t know who else to reach out to since customer service doesn’t seem to know what the left hand is doing with the right hand. I have attached the conflicting emails and you be the judge. Also after reading about other people that received a NEWLY REFURBISHED GF, not sure I even want it. I’m about one day away from cancelling my order, going into more debt and by a different engraver.

received this on Sept. 25th,2020: Semhar N (Glowforge)

Sep 25, 2020, 6:54 PM PDT
Hi Robert,
Thanks for hanging tight. I’ve just heard back from the warehouse and they let me know that your Glowforge is on track for shipment early next week. I’m working to make that happen on Monday and I’ll follow up with you then.
Warm regards,

This is the email I received last night: Semhar N (Glowforge)

Sep 29, 2020, 9:37 PM PDT

Hi Bob,
I apologize for my delay in getting back to you. I’m sorry to say I don’t have a specific ship date yet for your order, but I’ve followed up with our logistics specialist today and I hope to have an update for you tomorrow.
More soon,

Seems pretty conflicting to me.

Just curious, is this your original machine that “died”? The one you got in September of 2018?

Yes, It was my Original machine that died. Paid for the replacement GF Pro on Sept. 22nd, 2020

thank you

P.S. My original machine has been sent back already and is scheduled for delivery to your warehouse tomorrow. Here is the tracking number for that: 397051596241

Thank You for looking into this.

sorry for the info, thought this was from dan at glowforge

sorry for all the extra info. Thought this was from Dan from glowforge.

@rtv50 I apologize for the wait, and I’m embarrassed for my earlier mistake. I am truly sorry we let you down and left you feeling less confident in us. I am committed to making sure you get your Glowforge as quickly as possible, and I’ve just followed up to your email with more details. Since we are working on it there, I’m going to close this thread.

Once again, I am so sorry for my mistake.

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