Update to the update: We'll sell replacement tubes (discussion)


Discussion here on the latest update.

Update to the update: We'll sell replacement tubes

Thank you!


I’m very satisfied with this policy, which addresses my major concerns. Thank you for the quick response!


I am so glad you guys listen to the feedback, and have turned around an answer so quickly! This is great news!


Let me be (one of) the first to say: Thank you! Sounds like you guys were caught between a rock and a hard place, but this seems like the least bad solution. Could have been handled better, but you listened, talked it through, and fixed the problem pretty damn quick. Addresses the issue for me.


This is such a relief to a lot of us and a great show of what your priorities are. Us, the customers. Thank you guys for working on this!


Thank you for the update to the update :grinning:

This should help at least a little. I was thinking people would be clamoring for T-shirts when I read the first update this morning. Oops. It was early…

Looking forward to having “laser time” soon.


Thank you! Super satisfied with this reply. :smiley:


Works for me. Even I was beginning to have second thoughts and I have a pre-release that I’m in love with.



Anyone can screw up. The real measure of a company (& its people) is how they respond.

Thank you for listening and responding.


a t-shirt would be dope.


Uh oh, hope I didn’t start something


Thanks for addressing this quickly and with a satisfying solution.


Thank you. @rpegg and @jamesdhatch have said the rest of what I was thinking.


Thanks Dan and team, this is good news.


Thank you


Awesome possum!

Everyone knows t-shiirts are an important part of branding. :slight_smile:


I am down for t-shirts as long as it does not have flanders on it, or says squeeeeeee


I’d totally take one that says squee!


:slight_smile: I’d love to offer T-shirts at some point… but first we’ll get lasers sorted. And replacement tubes.

Then T-shirts. :wink: