Updates - Have I missed them?

Hey Guys and Girls,

Im from New Zealand and am super excited to be getting a Glowforge, But I not sure if Im some how missing updates as I havent really heard anything since Dec 2015 regarding Dan’s Book.

Is there any information regarding how the Beta testing is going? Is it preforming well etc. Im so excited that I really want to know how it is all going? I have looked but cant really find anything?

Can someone point me in the right direction or Dan himeslf or one of the amazing team, let me know how it all going.

Super Excited Kiwi

That is a link to the most reason updates from @dan. Scroll down and he responds with a bunch of updates and a few photos

The short answer is that there have been no official updates since December. No info on Beta testing. This is not atypical. In the link that @elsman18 provided, Dan did say that they are still on schedule.

In regards to Dan’s book, I got it at the beginning of last week.

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