Updating your Beta Application

Couldn’t find an answer by searching so here goes.

It has been awhile since I did my beta application and some things have changed, for the better, that could help my chances in all those questions. So, should I just let it be? Or is there a way to update specific questions? Would doing it again basically put it at the back of the pack if that matters?

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I don’t have a link to the post handy, but @dan mentioned only the latest application would be used for consideration. Pretty sure you’ll need to redo the entire application rather than updating specific questions.

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Right - you can redo your application and @rita (the beta overseer and ergo the one to send cookies to) will only consider the most recent.


I like that title: Beta Overseer - Lover of Cookies


What kind of cookies?

Is she a thin & crispy chocolate chip cookie lover or a thick and chewy type?


Good question. @rita?

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Oh cookies… I love many of them. In this moment, i think a chewy chocolate crinkle cookie would be best. But sometimes I crave the simple chewy chocolate chip (maybe with nuts). And I make a pretty awesome grain free chocolate cherry chunk cookie. And sometimes molasses or ginger is what it’s all about.

On the other hand, I’ve got a really good habit of going to the gym happening, so it’s pretty risky to send cookies – I might feel thwarted instead of comforted.

I’d recommend updating your application – it’s a less risky approach overall. :slight_smile:


It’s okay, I’m not jonesing for a beta like some here. Just finished 53 table plaques and 100 challenge coins last night (early this a.m.) for a submariners reunion. Need some free time that’s actually free time.

Besides, I’m a thin & crispy chocolate chip cookie man myself. :slight_smile: Making chewy ones would just be pandering :smile: