Upgrade - additional shipping cost?

I upgraded from the basic to the Pro (without air filter). I noticed the shipping fee of 99$ was charged to both purchases. Is that right? Shouldn’t the upgrade not charge for shipping since the basic model did? And I did not purchase the air filter, so I think the shipping cost would be the same… ?


Shoot this to support@, you’re right you should only have one shipping charge for pro-sans-filter, I think.

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Hi, I’d like to upgrade my basic with an air filter but I noticed that it’d cost me 750 $ + 470 of shipping. Haven’t I already paid my shipping cost when I bought my GF?

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The Glowforge and the filter are shipping separately. And I believe at two different times.

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Are you talking about upgrading basic from basic to a basic + air filter or basic + airfilter to pro + airfilter?

I’d like to add the filter to my basic but i think i won’t, at the moment. Too expensive.:disappointed: