Upgrade at a later time

I wanted to know if we would be able to upgrade after we get our laser. I’m guessing that they have the same frame and the big difference is the software and the tube which I feel can both be upgraded at a later time and I also wanted to know if we could upgrade to the pro without that air filter because the life span on it is just to short for my comfort of adding an extra 750 dollars to the price tag when an open windo works 100% better and it’s free

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Unfortunately no, the Basic cannot be upgraded to the Pro. However,you can use the ‘upgrade’ button on glowforge.com to upgrade from a Basic to a Pro without an air filter, if your Basic has not shipped yet.


I tried but something was wrong and it said I couldn’t upgrade I emailed the glowforge support and it said within 3 days they would get to me that’s the message I got

Your order is ineligible for upgrades at this time. Please contact customer service at support@glowforge.com.
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Support should be able to get you taken care of. 3 days is their worst case - they’re usually much faster.

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