Upgrade it from basic to pro


Clear answer, thanks


So if someone wants to upgrade, how do we go about doing it to be charged the right price?


I don’t know. When support gets an answer, they’ll post it here.


Confusing. I just upgraded to a pro but it’s just same price as if I was going to order it from the beginning.


No need for that, per Dan they are on it.


I just tried an upgrade from Basic to Pro and it did not inflate the $ higher than it should be this time. So I guess they fixed whatever was causing the problem


They are normally super-quick to close Support Threads when they have resolved it though…
Might be worth waiting a bit.

Good info though, thanks


I already upgraded online within the past 30 minutes, got the email with the credit card charge amount, and it shows correctly in my Purchase History.

However, in the Purchase History, it shows the GF Pro for $7000 and an Air filter for $1000, and then discounts are applied further down. I guess that’s what they needed to do to make the math work out. If I go online right now and buy a fresh GF Pro with an Airflter, it’s $5995, not $8000


I’m happy to say we’ve corrected the upgrade bugs and anyone who has wanted to upgrade can now do so at glowforge.com/upgrades.

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