Upgrade it from basic to pro


My account has finally been fixed so thank you @dan and the glowforge team but I do have a question as to if I upgrade from basic to pro it says it’s $2250 to upgrade but then before checkout it says total is $3350 can anyone tell me why it’s charging me an extra 1100 dollars and for what…??? Thanks

Upgrade pricing not working online

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hm. that would have made sense if you had 10 referrals, no filter, and the total being displayed was an “all in” price, not what you were expected to pay at the moment. With no referrals, though, i agree with @gmckayca: sounds buggy to me too.


That’s what’s not making since I’m paid off I paid the day I ordered have the credit card statement to prove it and the purchase order. hell im still waiting on the thing as many are. And I have no referrals so what remainder would you be talking about and I payed for shipping at the time of checkout on oct 18 2015


There’s a bug in there somewhere, @Rita .

I just tried it for myself and it shows $2250 to upgrade, and $3100 total, which is incorrect.

I am thinking of upgrading, but at the $2250 listed price, not for $3100.


Thanks so much for the details. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information, I’ll update this thread.


thank you


What it is apparently doing is taking the amount you originally paid (excluding shipping, but including discounts) and subtracting it from the current price to buy the item outright, rather than the current difference in price between what you bought and what you want.


That actually looks like what it’s doing cause I paid 2100 including shipping cause I cancelled the air filter so they do need to get that fixed


Thanks for posting this. Will be watching to see when the fix comes through as I will probably upgrade to Pro once (if) their heat tolerances are revealed.


I seem to remember reading that the reduced upgrade price to Pro was only available until the end of the crowdfunding period, and it was pretty clear at the time, but I might be mistaken.

(In order to be fair to those who ordered the Pros early, since otherwise everyone could just upgrade to Pro after they saw the project was going to succeed and still get the same discount that the early adopters did.)

I went in to the upgrade last month fully expecting to pay the full $3100 to do it now.

I guess we’ll see which direction they take, but I’m not going to be surprised if it is the higher number. (And for gosh sake, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just telling what I remember seeing.) :slightly_frowning_face:


I remember @Dan saying that upgraders would pay the difference between what the current price is for the item(s) they bought as compared to the current price for the upgraded item. Depending on when you placed your order, a person paid a different initial price. You ordered before me so paid less than me. If we upgrade from the same thing to the same thing, we would pay the same amount to upgrade, but overall you would have paid less. Otherwise, you would be throwing away the special consideration for the early buyers if they decided to upgrade later.


I hope you’re right and I’m wrong then! :smile:


On April 7, @Dan said “No, the difference in price between basic & pro [with airfilter] today ($3,000) is less than the price for early preorder customers to upgrade ($2,250), so you’re saving both on the original purchase and on the amount of the upgrade.” $3000 is more than $2250 so I don’t know why he said “less than” instead of “more than”


If so, that’s great, I’ve got an extra $1000 to blow on :proofgrade:! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for all the additional information. We’re still looking into it.


Just a quick update that we’re still investigating!


Seems like a pretty easy fix. Dont know why this has dragged on for so long. @Rita ?


well, not super important in context of shipping some lasers. but also, just because they have an idea about what’s caus jt a problem doesn’t mean it can’t take some time to physically track down the problem in the code.


Thanks for checking in. We’re still working on getting this corrected. I’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as I have any news.


We switched from a preorder system to a much more sophisticated ecommerce system some months ago, and this is a deep, lingering bug from that switch. Specifically, from some of the folks who ordered on the old system and are trying to upgrade with the new one. It’s not easy to fix, unfortunately.

Upgrade pricing not working online