Upgrade Pricing

Can someone please explain the current upgrade price? I was thinking about upgrading from a Basic with Air Filter to a Pro with Air filter. Pre-order there was a $1500 price difference. Currently there is a $1800 price difference on new orders today, yet the upgrade price is now $2000 for people who have already ordered.

Shouldn’t the current upgrade price be more like $1600?

The new price for the pro with filter $4,800, the basic plus air filters was $2,500 during the campaign. So the upgrade price should actual be $2,300, so the current price is actually less than it should be so if you want to upgrade you should do it before it gets corrected :wink:

Also, the current upgrade price from basic with filter to the pro with and without the filter is the same ($2,000) which is possibly an error.

The pre-order price of the Pro with Filter was $3,995. The pre-order price of the basic with Filter is $2,495.

That’s a $1,500 difference.

The current price of the Pro with Filter is $4,795. The current price of the basic with Filter is $2,995.

That’s a $1,800 difference.

The price difference between the two at any point in time has never been as much as $2,000.

Yes, but the old price of the basic plus filter was $2,500 and the current price of the pro plus filter is $4,800. That is a $2,300 difference.

You didn’t pay the new price for the basic/filter you paid a reduced price. Therefore you have to pay the difference from your old price to the current pro/filter price. Pretty standard. You end out having to pay the whole current price for the model you want total. The fact the difference is 300$ less is a bonus that might change!

I’d hold off if you don’t like the price, maybe they will do an upgrade push at end of November or before they ship, might get a better price, might be worse…

I wanted to originally get the Pro for the extra $1500, but to be honest, the ridiculous shipping costs of over $1300 to ship to Australia sapped the money I had.

Now with the upgrade being $2,000 (more than a basic with no filter on pre order), the chances of an upgrade look pretty slim.

It’s interesting that the Flowhive (another successful recent venture), only cost $88 to ship from Australia to the U.S. but this costs over $1300 with shipping going the other way, and The Flowhive is bigger and heavier.

It would have been cheaper to fly to the US and personally pick it up than get it shipped. But what can you do.

I not sure what the Flowhive is but i’m sure it’s smaller and lighter then the GF. Plus i bet it doesn’t have a giant glass tube in it that requires extra precautions while shipping.