Upgraded optics on the Pro?



We’ve all heard that the hardware is supposedly pretty well locked in at this point and it’s just the software going through final development.

Another topic on this forum has been discussing the supposed “improved optics” of the Pro. Even the GF blog refers to it:

you get a more powerful tube, upgraded optics, upgraded cooling, and – best of all – a passthrough

@dan, can you comment on the nature of this upgrade to optics, or is that still private IP?


I too would love a response from @dan on this as I upgraded to the pro mostly for the tube and optics.


I second (or third) the request for more info, once you feel in the clear to make those announcements. For those of us who bought the pro a little info on how it is going would be very nice :smile:


We likely won’t share much or any details, since anything interesting we say would be more useful to those who admire us and would like to replicate what we do than our customers.


Well, at least here’s a hint…


Another tidbit from way back. Not much more info, but that’s all I could find.


I’m liking what (little) I’m hearing about the Pro!


Sorry, I didn’t mean to be unnecessarily coy. The higher quality optics allow more power to be delivered to the laser head, allowing for faster cutting. Sources, coatings, etc are what we need to keep mum about.


The optics and the cooling is what almost made me switch. :grin:
The pass through making it class IV is what kept me from switching. :pensive:


Still potential opportunity for:

  • Pro Edu (without a Passthrough, but still with upgraded laser, optics and cooling)

  • Basic Plus (with a Passthrough slot).

Maybe in 12 months time…


I wonder what happens to Proofgrade settings when running the same job on the same material on a Basic and a Pro. Will it just scale the power to give the same spot intensity and give identical results? Or will it make use of the extra power and run the job faster? If so the results might be a little different. Also is the minimum power before the tube stops working higher on the pro?


So does the Pro adjust its settings automatically for Proofgrade materials?


oops! Question was already asked!


Do you plan on releasing this or other data driven info before major shipments begin?


That was generally what I was guessing. Considering the Muse, I think that’s probably prudent to play your cards close to the vest. Can’t wait to see your hand once it’s played :smile: (Even if it’s not a royal flush, I am at least hoping for 4 of a kind :stuck_out_tongue: )


Proofgrade settings are optimized separately for Basic and Pro, so we pick the optimal speed/power tradeoffs for both. That means the Pro will generally cut faster and with a cleaner edge.

Not sure what info specifically, but yes, we’ll have lots to say about Pro units before we ship production versions of them.


Woohoo! Outstanding. Add that to the “why I’m glad I bought the Pro” pile :slight_smile:


Me too. Thank you @dan


Seeing some on the stuff that @takitus and @marmak3261 have been engraving, I am hard pressed to imagine the detail being sharper.