Upgrades with Paypal is not available


I pay the Glowforge Basic model with Paypal and now I would like use Paypal for upgrade on Pro model but is impossible.

When I contacted the support they cannot say when Paypal will be available.
I understand and I can wait, it’s not problem. Just I don’t want lost 40% of discount and this is what I am worry about.

Do you have someone maybe more information than me? Or do you have some idea what can I do?

Thanks for your help.

Was that Glowforge support or Paypal support you contacted?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear: Glowforge support.

Well I’m no support guy but you might try contacting Paypal also.

It is a little unclear to me exactly what issue you are having or error messages but whenever I have an issue I like to contact both the seller and paypal.

Ok, let me try an another way :slight_smile: (I know, I do not have a great english)

When you go to the upgrades page you can select a new options, in my case: the Pro Model of Glowforge.

Ok but I can pay just with my credit card. I would like use Paypal instead because I already pay with and because here (in France) we have limitations with payments (security system).

Apparently, Glowforge can’t help and now I have access to the 40% of discount. Discount witch I’m afraid to loose if I waiting too long so I’m looking for a good solution. Glowforge know this problem and I can’t do nothing about it, this is why I come here and try to found some idea / help / solution :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear of the problem. I thought Papal had infallibility.(sorry)

I expect the Glowforge team will honor the 40% discounted rate if they have a record that you contacted them about the situation and if they eventually allow PayPal payments for upgrades.

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Yeah, I can believe this but only if I have a clear answer from Glowforge, which I haven’t yet.

I just checked and unfortunately we don’t have an ETA to turn Paypal back on. We can issue refunds via paypal right now, but we’ve had to disable them for new purchases. Paypal may be available soon or never. I’m afraid we won’t be able to extend current pricing indefinitely for you.


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Thank you Dan for your response and details about issue with PayPal payments.
I did upgrade via credit card just now and will contact support of Glowforge for check if is everything ok.

I’m so glad you found a workaround. Apologies for the inconvenience.