Upgrading from Dan Shapiro at MFNY; Re:Make in SF



In the good news/bad news department, I’m afraid I’m going to be unable to attend Maker Faire New York. The good news is that instead of me doing the Glowforge talk, Will Smith, CEO of FOO VR and founder of Tested.com, will replace me on stage alongside Bailey and Shell! Will’s a customer and will be interviewing Bailey about the Glowforge while Shell designs and prints something for him. (Will’s the host of this video on Tested that introduced lots of folks to Glowforge for the first time).

At the same time, I’m delighted to share that one of our customers, Brit Morin - CEO of brit.co - is hosting us at the Re:Make conference in SF the same weekend. Tony will be there with a printer and a team of Glowfolk running prints. If you’re in SF, come and see us!

I’m sorry I’ll miss everyone this weekend, but pretty excited to leave you in such great hands!

World Maker Faire New York 2016 TICKETS - deadline 12 pm PST Wednesday 9/28

like the same will smith big willie style ?


This Will Smith:


Just added this link for context.


ya new vids !! or at least one I have not seen yet


Well, congrats to everyone in San Fran who didn’t get out to the Bay Area Maker Faire to see Dan already, and is able to make it to Re:Make.

Condolences for everyone going to NY who was looking to meet Dan >< Though those only attending Sunday must feel slightly better…


:joy: Hahahaha, my plans just changed and and I am now going to Maker Faire on Saturday. Oh well, still going to meet the rest of the awesome Glowfolk.


Well, on the one hand, I’m disappointed in not meeting @dan. I was looking forward to that.

On the other hand, Will from tested is a suitably interesting replacement.

I think the scales are tipping towards disappointment, but just slightly.


I hope it is/was nothing serious or bad news keeping you from the New York Faire. At least it will still be in capable hands (although I’m not going, I’m sure all who are will have a fantastic time). Hope all attending have a safe and exciting trip! Take pics and videos!


:cry: now I can’t be a big fan boy and give you a hug …


My loss! Just family obligations - wish I could be there with all of you.


Most CEOs don’t believe in family obligations anymore it seems. Good for you sir.


And it is always a special team-building exercise to accomplish something special without the boss’s presence. The Glowfolk will be glowing extra special in NYC!


That’s the video that introduced us to Glowforge.

Today at family dinner we were congratulating my niece and her husband on 1 year of marriage. Later having a conversation about the glowforge and realizing that it was at my niece’s reception that we were sharing this video with family and trying to get them to use our referral code because we had decided to buy and were waiting for money to transfer.

Yep. We’ve been committed for a year. More exited now than I was then, and still talking up my laser that I am going to have. Happy wedding anniversary to them, happy glowforge anniversary to us and all the rest of you who were blown over by the same.

Enjoy New York, enjoy San Fransisco.


Have Adam Savage join as well, and on Sunday, and then maaaayyyyybe we’ll be cool with it.



I agree wholeheartedly, and support you doing it!