Upload error

Anyone else having issues uploading images. I have uploaded and it keeps kicking me out. I was able to priint earlier today and now it won’t work.

Yep, I also have errors for the last hour. The material selection area is missing in the app. No feedback from support about the issue.

Works fine for me. Guessing you may want to start by clearing your browser cache. Try a small image to make sure your internet connection isn’t the issue.

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You can see the status on their status page:


I found that something recently in my Kaspersky Anti-Virus is causing the error. Trying to diagnose it now with adding app.glowforge.com to the exception list.

I can’t even load the page to get onto the dashboard

As far as I know there aren’t any documented issues with Kaspersky anti-virus but for years security agencies in the U.S. and some other countries have banned the Russian based company product from government systems. There are legitimate security concerns.

Never seemed a good idea to protect my systems from Russian hackers with a Russian antivirus system.


I recommend F-Secure for internet security. Much better than Kaspersky. Stay away from Norton and Avast also.


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