Uploaded file invisible

I am uploading a file that I created, it gives me the option of choosing what to do with the file, but I cannot see it anywhere. I have zoomed all the way and panned all around, it is not there.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what is going on here. I have closed and re-opened the program multiple times with the same result.

here is a phot of what i am seeing

Have you tried Control A which selects everything?

Yes and I still do not see anything. I just tried with a different file and same results.

Try turning off your Glowforge, removing the material from the bed and turning it back on. I see you are getting the “no artwork” message. Once everything reboots, open a Glowforge file from your dashboard and see what happens.

Any chance that the design doesn’t have any line widths on it? Can you open it in an art program and double check that the stroke style/width isn’t set to 0.00

I suspect it’s still off the screen even though you’re zoomed way it. It’s possible to make some pathologically bizarre SVG files. If you’ve got something you’re able to share, I’m sure someone here can take a look at it and at least see if the problem is isolated to your machine.

It’s probably just not within the view - use the “precision placement” tool and set the center to X10/Y5 (inches) and that will move it to the center.

Also post screenshot with that tool open, if you still don’t see it.

That happened to me when I imported the file as a PDF. When I import the same file as SVG it comes in fine. The GF app is supposed to be able to import these 2 types of files so I don’t know why the PDF is blank like you describe.

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It is weird that the operations show but not the artwork. Cloak of invisibility?

I turned it off and back on and chose another more simple file to cut and it seems to be fine. It did complain that the other file had too many steps, so maybe that was it.

I am going to try again after the easy file cuts.

I appreciate all of your feed back.

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@mechatmon I am so sorry you design was not visible. I’m so glad that you were able to resolve it with the tips from all the amazing people here. I am going to go ahead and close the forum post but if you are still having the same issue please let us know.