[Uploading: Blank Gas Pump.svg...]()

Little gas pump image that is ready for a funny engraving
Blank Gas Pump


Huh! What is the point of this post?


Did you forget to upload the image?


I did.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you for the share!!


What part of ‘Blank Gas Pump’ did you not understand?

Sorry, couldn’t resist, heh heh
Now includes a pump so blank no more.




Fun. Thanks!

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I couldn’t fully see the image, so I downloaded it and cleaned it up to make it easier for others.

Blank Gas Pump

It is the same size as the original. I just moved the “view box” so it was easier to see.


Keep in mind that if your view box is always 20x12 your images will never accidently change size when loaded into different program.

Know your programs. If a program doesn’t adhere to the SVG standard, find a different program you can trust.

(And the original was off-center and 8"x11")

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thank you i was not able to figure that out.

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It’s about sharing designs. My programs don’t change my designs, but if I send it to someone else and they use a different program it might. The 20x12 works because of :glowforge: and bypasses any individual program settings.

Updating from the original is a great service, updating it to 20x12 is even better :slight_smile:


I am still looking for the program that does this (so we can tell others to avoid it), but I have not found one yet. Please let me know your experiences.

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Not sure what you’re referring to. Program that does what?

If you mean programs that change sizes of uploaded items, it’s all of them. There are literally dozens of posts on here regarding that.

I have not found that useful at all. If you know any specific distance you can check it against the size of the item. When designing, I am constantly changing the page to what I am working on so the center of the page is the center of the things that are all on the same center. If the lower right hand corner is maxed to the point of cutting, where the color changes from “will cut” to “won’t cut” then 0",0" will not be at the other corner of 20",12" anyway or even visible on the screen to measure. In that situation, 8"x10" would be far more useful IMHO as it would fit in the cutting area.

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That’s a big if when you’re getting the design from someone else.

I do everything on 20x12 so that if I choose to share it with someone else, I know that the design will come in at the correct size for them. No double checking required. Why waste the time making yourself double check when there is such an easy way to be sure?

Also, if I place something in the lower right hand corner of that, it’ll come into the :glowforge: as a dotted line because the :glowforge: doesn’t actually have a 20x12 bed, it’s got a slightly smaller one than that - dependent on your machine and which function you’re using (as I’m sure you’re aware).

But I know for a fact that a 20x12 piece fits into my machine, and if I design on that giving myself a slight border it’ll all fit.

You do you - but if you’re sharing it’s a huge step forward for those you’re sharing with.

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Those are different DPI settings (from the few I read), and would have all happened even if the view box was set 20"x12".

I prefer to help others understand how things work, instead of telling them to do what I do because I don’t have any issues.

If you strive to understand the application/technology you are using you can learn about how it works. Don’t just give the false sense of security, telling people, only do this and you won’t have any problems, because that may not be the case.

I understand the desire to make things simpler for others. But spreading misinformation can just confuse people.

Here is the design with a 20"x12" view box, maybe you find it more useful:
Blank Gas Pump (20X12)

I’ve never understood how files get resized. I’ve never bothered with the “standard” 20x12 workspace unless I was sharing here. I use Inkscape exclusively. :man_shrugging: