Uploading stuck again


Hi @LaserD, and thanks for your patience. We’ve made an update that should help with this behavior. Could you please try printing in Safari and let me know how it goes?

Thank you!

It’s been some time since we’ve seen activity on this thread. Would you let us know if you’re still experiencing trouble @LaserD ?

Safari browser does not freeze but still has issues populating the icons under the view all files dashboard on the GFUI. I was wondering since others have had the same issue has there been a work order for this or a fix?

Thank you so much for sending over these details! We are investigating the additional trouble you’ve noticed with Safari with our engineers at this time.

I do see that you’ve been able to find a short work around, by utilizing an alternate browser. I know that this may hamper your workflow, but I’m glad that you are able to continue printing. We’ll work on providing an update as soon as one becomes available. I appreciate your patience during this time :slight_smile: