Uploading stuck again

This seems to be an ongoing issue that has not been resolved.

As you can see from the following pics when I send a file to print, the page on the GFUI gets stuck on the screen on the first screenshot. I then get out of the stuck screen by using my back option on my browser, get back into the page and then go to the dashboard with a blank screen (2nd screenshot). I then hit view all files option and the 3rd screenshot is what is displayed in the browser. Then I can click the create button and then upload the file again and it works.

Other funny things happen as well, but that says the gist of the issue.


Usually system bugs affect more than one person. I do not see this behavior at all.

Is it possible that the problem is not the Glowforge system but something local to you? Either an issue with your PC, browser, or internet connection? The behavior where it works a second time points to an internet issue to me, where your PC isn’t making a good connection to the server on the first request, or is using out of date information.

I could be wrong, but ongoing issues that aren’t widespread point to local problems to me, not systemwide issues.

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Not sure if you’ve done a search or not on GF website, but there’s been other people who’ve brought this issue up on the problems and support page. As far as Internet connection goes any other page loads perfectly fine when not on the GFUI. No PC or browser issues at all even when going to other pages on the Glowforge website or any other website for that matter. It just happens when I’m logged in for the GFUI page and after uploading files and arranging everything to get the file ready to print, hit print, and the page freezes. The same response was said to someone else that maybe it may be about their Internet connection or their own PC or browser. Doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me that I’m having the same experience as well.

What internet browser do you use and what version are you running?

I’m using a Mac OS Big Sur with safari browser.

I’m having this same problem for several days now. Usually stuck on Loading your Design. I have to close the tab, quit Safari, restart the browser, reload the app.glowforge page, then it will usually work. Then, for another copy or engraving another part of the design, same problem. Stuck. Close. Reload. Usually works. At least I have a workaround, but something is clearly broken.

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See ben1 I’m not the only one!

Also I did the same procedure as doublelift, but I found as long as I use the back option on the browser that works as well without having to restart Safari.

I’m also using a Mac with Big Sur. Some time ago, I switched over to using Chrome instead of Safari. I don’t know if the issues I had when using Safari have been fixed, but I still use Chrome and never have any problems. In fact, I only use Chrome as my dedicated GF browser and either Firefox or Safari for everything else. Try switching to Chrome and see what happens.


I didn’t say you were the only one. Based on the data you provided it isn’t a system-wide issue, it only seems to affect users of Safari, and the first thing that Support asks users who report problems like this is to use a different browser. If you change browsers and it persists, yes, it might be a system-wide issue. Looks like a problem with the way Safari, which is known to block certain web standards, handles these requests.
Local issue, not a system wide GF issue.


So I guess the solution is to use a different browser and ignore the problem that it causes in Safari. While that may be a work around it’s just another browser that I have to keep updated to avoid hacking or security issues. Again it seems to be the consensus that this has been a long ongoing issue that has never been resolved using Safari? So to recap, I have spent thousands of dollars on a laser cutter only to find out it has issues that hasn’t been or may never be resolved with my browser. However way you define it whether it’s systemwide or local it’s still an issue that needs to be and should be fixed and hasn’t been. Especially since all of the printing/cutting is done through the GFUI and is dependent on a working system. Otherwise new owners should be informed of this issue that their Glowforge units will not work on safari or have issues with it.

It’s like buying an automobile and NOT being informed by the manufacturer that only certain grades of fuel will work in your car and others won’t.

What update version of safari are you using?
This will tell you what version of the operating system you are running.

I’m having lot of server issues today too

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Clicking on the Safari about pull down menu the version of Safari I’m running is 14.0.2. Hopefully we can stick to the topic here and find a solution and a fix for using Safari. The only relevant information I’ve received so far that wasn’t a workaround was that it seems to be an issue with Safari as others have stated.

Part of finding the solution is knowing what software you are using. It is something support was probably going to ask you anyway and was just trying to get it out of the way to speed up the support process. But I am done with this topic, best of luck.

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I am having the same problem. GFPro, Premium, Safari 10.4.03 latest, Mac

Thanks for your input. Hopefully support will see these issues by more people than myself and will respond.

Good grief! There are so many more pressing issues than this. What’s so hard about using a different browser? If for nothing else than to see if that’s the problem. If that resolves the problem then at least you know a work-around. Yes, yes…I know…you don’t want a work around, but for now that may be all there is. Good luck.


This may not be anything Glowforge can fix. As I noted above Safari does not completely conform to all W3 web protocols and that may be part of the issue. If this is the case, making Safari work may break another browser.

To address your analogy, this is more akin to buying a car and then your usual gas supplier not carrying the specific octane that your car works best with. You can still get the octane you need, you just have to switch suppliers.


Again let’s stick to the ORIGINAL TOPIC and have support chime in so that we have valid answers and not suppositions. The topic is to find a SOLUTION and or a FIX for the GFUI to work with so far as I know Safari, and possibly other browsers. That’s all this topic is about to find a solution and to fix the problem.

I’m not going down the rabbit hole with replies that have judgmental comments, workarounds, or excuses and not have solutions.

Thanks for providing the details about this issue, @LaserD. I’ve passed these details along to the team, and we’re looking into it now. I’ll follow up as soon as I have more information to share.