UPS MyChoice not seeing my GF shipment

Hi, I just got off the phone with UPS support. I got my GF shipment notification email with my tracking number on Saturday (11/11), I can track it, but it’s not appearing on the UPS MyChoice screen. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow, but I can’t see a time window because of this. UPS customer support said that there’s no way on my end or theirs to link the tracking number to MyChoice. They said the shipper has to input the shipping address for it to show up on MyChoice. What I don’t get is that they have the address on the package, and it should be on their system. :thinking:

Is it possible for you guys to update my info so I can get a better estimate on when my baby is being delivered??


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Has this happened to anyone else??

I think that means the address of your my choice and the address on the package don’t match.

They shouldn’t let you wire it up on the phone because you could use that trick to reroute packages that belong to somebody else that you happened to get ahold of the tracking number.

I noticed that Glowforge’s UI changed my address in a way that was similar to other reports here. Apparently this is from a UPS backend. However, in my case it still matched my MyChoice address, surprisingly.

Another thing that can happen is that your MyChoice address isn’t “activated” which is annoying because the website doesn’t tell you in any reasonable visible way. You have to drill into Settings->Memberships to see that.

And then, activating takes several days because they send you snail mail through the post office to verify your address.


That I’m not sure of… as for the reasons - tough to say. It could be that they don’t have a name match between your Glowforge order and the UPS MyChoice info, or any number of reasons, I suppose.

However, if it makes you feel any better… the actual time window provided by UPS on MyChoice is pretty much bunkum. In fact, I think it may be a better representation of when the package is not going to be delivered.


What I’m mostly worried about is that I’m in California, and a few folks here have gotten their delivery earlier than expected. The last location scan was on Saturday morning at a UPS center 2-2.5 hours away…

Yes, could be a name match. Have no way to really know. UPS MyChoice showed my Proofgrade order but doesn’t show my wife’s shipments or all of mine that have arrived though the addresses are the same. There is a way to enter alternate names such as Richard, Rick, R. W., etc. But it’s still missing some notifications. .

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Those programmers and beta software. It should be so easy. :wink:


My proofgrade shipment showed up, also my inventables, but not my baby…

What time of day do the shipping emails typically get sent out?

I had the exact same problem and that was the reason. I e-mailed GF support and it turns out GF got my address wrong so I’d contact support ASAP.

The address in the shipping email is correct, the only difference I think is that the email had the extra 4 digits for my Zip code, maybe a period missing after an abbreviation…

I’m sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner. I checked on your package and it looks like it was delivered successfully, if you need help with anything else open a new thread.

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