UPS Strikes Again It Seems :/

So my first Glowforge (GlowforgePro) was supposed to arrive today, my wife and kids and I were so stoked! We’ve been watching out the windows all day, and just about 30 minutes ago the UPS truck pulled up and we all went running to the garage in excitement.

I opened the garage doors as we watched the UPS driver open the back of the truck and slide out our glowforge… but the first thing I noticed was the big red arrows on the box were pointing down towards the ground :confused: Didn’t think much… then the UPS driver got his dolly out and put our glowforge on the dolly (but on it’s side, so now the arrows are now horizontal to the ground lol).

Again I didn’t think too much, until he pulled it up to us in the garage and turned it around… and one side of the box was totally opened and destroyed! Our hearts broke seeing this, and the driver said “well you can reject the delivery if you want”… and I asked to see if the inner box was badly damaged and he said “if you touch and open the box that’s you accepting it”- so I politely said “well I spent $6,000 on this laser and waited 5 weeks for it to be made so no I just can’t bring myself to accept this and hope that it’s not damaged”. So off he wheeled our laser :confused:
I’ve called Glowforge and left a message, and emailed them as well… I’m not sure what happens now but searching the community topics it seems that UPS is notorious for damaging Glowforges (I even saw one owner had coolant leaking inside the box once they opened it).

Hopefully soon I’ll hear back from Glowforge- and get to laser-ing all kinds of things!

Oh and I snapped a few pictures of the box before the driver left… if I can figure out how to post them I’ll definitely do that :slight_smile:


I had mine held at the “depot” for pickup, and it was laying against a wall on its left side. Box was damaged and missing a couple of handles. It was a couple of years later when I had to remove the broken exhaust fan when I discovered all the stains from the spilled coolant. The 2nd box with the crumb tray and materials took a couple more days to show up, so who knows how long it had been sitting there on its side.

We’ve had local delivery guys that really do care, I have been on a first-name basis with some, but the number of hands these things go thru, it’s actually astonishing the majority show up in working condition.


Packaging from the outside is a lot better than how they were once shipped. There was no edge protection or strapping on the original shipments.


The new box is lacking in handles. Not sure if it makes a difference to anyone else, but I really liked being able to grip the old box when I picked up what was left of it from FedEx a few years back…where is was sitting vertically against a wall.


I delivered a lot of merchandise in my delivery service, and those “handles” would be an obvious go-to when you had to drag the package around. Originally a lot of boxes showed up with missing handles and torn boxes. Banding is a much better solution.


Haha, those bands. Yeah, I can’t carry anything by those. Maybe in a shipping perspective it’s good, but for me, not so much :rofl::rofl: Oh yeah, my handles were missing too, just having the hole there made it easier to grab.


Well it’s been 24 hours and I haven’t gotten any word back from Glowforge…

Yesterday I did call and leave a message (left my name, phone number, email and order number) and submitted an email on the Contact page of with all the same info.

I’m wondering… being a first time customer, is this delay in response something that I should get accustomed to from this company?

I just find it odd to not hear anything except the automated “we received your message” immediately after I emailed… especially since it’s my first machine, it was supposed to have been delivered yesterday, should be up and running but I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs wondering when a replacement will come, what steps are next and will anyone at this company even care to give me any sort of update :confused:


It can take a week or more for them to respond it seems.

I am sorry for your misery, but Glowforge is not the “bad guy” here. UPS is going to report this as a shipment rejected, not a shipment destroyed. Your UPS driver is wrong about accepting it if you open the box, but it is too late for UPS regrets.

Yours is not the usual issue of a Glowforge arrives damaged as you rejected the delivery without proof of damage. Their customer service is obviously not fast but they will get this sorted out - eventually.


Oh wow :frowning:

I agree and am by no means saying Glowforge is the “bad guy”, I’m just feeling a little lost and unsure and any news or update on my end would be helpful… the family and I are just sitting here in limbo not sure what steps are to be taken and it’s just concerning not knowing is all.

You can sign up for UPS notifications, sometimes they are more punctual than the company. I think UPS gets it in their system from the manufacturer, which can be quicker than the company getting notified and relaying the information.


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