UrForge is officially a Forge


Continuing the discussion from The continuing tale of UrForge:

Ok, I managed to not fall down the stairs or contract the Plague on my way to the shop last night and passed the that elusive milestone: I cut out the Founder’s Ruler and the tool thingy.

It was awesome.

Everything worked like a charm, the venting didn’t leak anywhere, no fires, and ninjas (despite my real fears) didn’t emerge from the shadows to thwart me.

Watching the cuts and engraves emerge was soooooo satisfying after the long wait for delivery and Fate’s recent attempts on my life. I’ll now turn attention to building out the rest of the shop (custom UrForge table, another work table, storage shelves) and methodically working through all the great tutorials and experiments I’ve been gathering links about.

Everyone who’s waiting: hang in there. Prep as much as you can. It’s a ton of fun.



Now the fun begins :slight_smile:


Indeed. cracks knuckles


Great! :+1::sunglasses: