Urgent Design help needed

I need a support structure cut to hold a glass powerline insulator (it has a rounded bottom). I was thinking of cutting a thin doughtnut shape with the center hole at least 7.5 cm. My problem comes from trying to figure out legs that would hold this at least 6.5 cm off the table. Would anyone be willing and able to help me? Thinking of cutting it out of acrylic. I could Venmo design fee if needed. Daughter’s wedding is Saturday and our original design isn’t working.

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Something in the general direction of this?

The legs can be done in any decorative manner of course as long as the proper anchor points are in place to keep the structure rigid. Success will also depend on noting the exact thickness of the acrylic (digital calipers)

Some additional planning and careful measuring could also have the three nubs at the top halo rise to more closely follow the bottom of the bowl.


Yes!! This is great. Could it hold with only one circle or does it need 2?

I think you would want both for structural stability.


You can get many different possibilities here…

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The double-halo design factors in a likelihood you don’t have the type of acrylic solvent/cement that chemically welds congruent pieces together — the one that comes with a half-dozen warning stickers about being a carcinogen. Anything else would likely show up as an unsightly brown glob when dried (Gorilla Glue), a translucent yellow patch (Epoxy), or be brittle at the slightest amount of leverage (Superglue/cyanoacrylate)

It also factors in the possibility of not getting an ultra-precise measurement of the material thickness. Having one in addition to a verified kerf measurement for your specific machine would go towards a tighter press-fit.

With the halo-leg design initially roughed out, there’s ample opportunity to add a more decorative halo(s) or make more dramatic changes depending on what other structures it needs to clear. The tripod legs can be reinterpreted in endless ways. Whatever gets selected, I’m confident it’ll be way more aesthetically pleasing than a Bayonet Box.


The Bayonet Box is of a type that might be passed over, though as a starting point itself there are a great many pleasing designs possible using that as a foundation. The Festi pattern is just about getting the structural math correct.

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