Nothing to do with lasers or anything really, but I’ve been fighting this one for a while now………………

So there’s a lot of long very complicated, technical discussions under problems and support that often have very well informed and thoughtful replies and suggestions.

But, when someone asks “Why the x,y gantry wobbulator isn’t giving a kerf of 78^1 when the DXF SVG teal button is clearly unlevel to the passthrough slot?”, are you ever tempted just to reply “Ghosts” and run away?

I keep giggling to myself, writing out one word replies like “werewolves” or “vampires” occasionally elaborating with “have you tried garlic?”, but thankfully I stop myself.

Thanks for listening.


Every. Single. Day. :smile:


Actually my temptation is to give an old school Navy dressing down to questions that show that the questioner didn’t prepare at all. I like your idea better.


@markevans36301 Why not both?! @Jules maybe we should all write out some mock questions for people to mock and give mock answers, might help people vent?


Have you ever seen Parks and Rec? In that episode where Anne helps Ron do house repairs and she starts spouting technical sounding nonsense just because it’s fun to talk like that. That’s my urge.

“Oh, if its not cutting through the material completely you probably have a loose flange bolt on the gantry mirror. Just use a hex drill to pop that thng back into position, but be careful not to torque it too much or you’ll damage the heat sink capacitor and ruin the limit switch.”


Going completely off topic from your original post, I just did this with my 7yo son the other day. I had about 24 hours of travel within a 64 hour timeframe across multiple cities in multiple states. I got home and slept late the following morning; so, my son asked my wife why I slept so late, and if I was “nocturnal.” I told him that I’m a vampire.


Do I watch Parks and Rec? Do I watch Parks and Rec?
Let me tell you, one of my life’s goals is to model my laugh after Ron Swansons giggle, as I ordered my Glowforge I whispered under my breath “Treat You Self”, in both Donna and Tom’s voices and it wasn’t even 13th October!


You forgot gremlins…lol


That is top parenting! How you going to play this one out Nosferatu? And gruelling travel times, ouch!

I lean toward “it’s a personal response to your attitude. Try being a little more upbeat or at least moderately polite.”


I don’t know Gremlins is like a legit thing. Can’t remember exactly, but I think you have to keep them submerged in water and only feed them after midnight?

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Argh! @Jules! You were super awesomely helping someone out on that inkscape thread just now, but you could have just said “Freddy Krueger did it” and totally bailed!


That is exactly the weird kind of vague issue that is impossible to help with until the file is uploaded or the person gives a bit more data. Yet I still tried, too.

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It’s also exactly the kind of question and help I’m going to be asking you all for when I finally get my Glowforge!

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I think you know how we’re going to respond after this thread…

Pick me Pick me! I give the BEST - non informative answer.

For example - a lady at work asked me what the cloud was… After explaining it for 3 minutes, she was still confused - I gave up and told her it was magic…


But what if it actually is Ghosts? How will I know if you’re kidding or for real? It’s like the boy who cried wolf…but with ghosts!


:joy:. And just so you all know I’ve run out of likes :frowning:


You had to bring up limit switches again. Siiiiiggggghhhhh.


When I am in budget/funding meeting with Engineers and they go on and on about XYZ (Vocabs that do not exist in my world…) I start to doodle :writing_hand:… but then they ask me something along the line of “What would you do…”

If it’s female Engineers - I reply "Honey, I have 1 million dollars for your project. Whether you choose to spend it on 1000 Chanel bags or 2000 Jimmy Choo shoes… or 200 LV Bags… it’s up to you… I just pay the bill. :moneybag: (Provided that their managers signed it off)

If it’s male Engineers - I use cars as examples. (You can have 2 Ferraris or 35 Ford Trucks) I just pay the bill. :moneybag:

They all just look at me like I’m from another planet… :joy: