Users All Gone?

Is anyone else encountering an issue where all of their users have disappeared? My students still have access and are cutting, but I needed to enable a glowforge for a student and I went into users and it said I had no users on the machine. Soooooo over a hundred users now appear to be gone. Thanks in advance!

Yes. My “Users” tab now shows no other users (although the machine is still accessible by users that were previously granted access…)

Interestingly enough on my 2nd log-in (which is the one I use every day) the added users page is still there showing the 1 pending invite - but on my main (purchase) log-in the page says there are none.

Ok so I still don’t have users which is cramping my style as I’m trying to give a student access to another Glowforge (which he should have access to anyway) but I can’t but he is not in there anymore. I’m assuming tech support looks at these?

Hi @jburick I just sent you a follow up email to address this issue encountered with the Dashboard of the Glowforge App not showing the assigned users with your printer. Because this can require screenshots and confirmation of users associated with the printer, I wanted to move this to email for troubleshooting and close this Community thread. Feel free to reply directly to that email thread and I’ll look forward to hearing back. Thank you!