Users with access to my GF

In the GF settings I noticed that FOUR users had access to my GF.

This included 2 names I never heard of : Dong Nguyen & Akefa Taranum

I deleted them. However, this is scary: if Dong or Akefa were evil they could burn my house down.

is this a bug, or are these people known to GF?

Likely Flex employees that were testing your machine (Flex is the manufacturer).


Also no one can push the go button remotely, I don’t think.

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To be fair don’t trust me on this. If anyone knows for sure…? But I seem to recall post on “forge with a friend” saying so. You might want to search for that.

Yes, they are GF or Flex minions, they were on my machine as well. No need to worry :slight_smile:

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Thanks @kittski! @evansd2, you’re correct that the button must be pressed in person, and @alexbbrown I’m sorry for causing concern!

The only way to go make the laser go PEW is for a user to be physically standing at the machine pushing the flashing button.

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