Using fun foam for inserts



Fun craft foam is so easy to cut that I have been using it as insert material for projects. I get it in 5mm thickness and layer it accordingly. Cutting it the exact size of the item going into the shape works great since the kerf that makes it the perfect fit.
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very nice presentation


Steph, what kind of foam are you using? Is it the readily available kind at Hobby Lobby and Michaels? (Any particular brand?)


Wow, sweeeeet! Can you show it lit up?


30% off last week at Hobby Lobby.
I’m looking into sourcing wholesale eventually.


Bad lighting but you get the idea…


Here are the “rules” that went along with it…lol


Neat base. Where did you find that?


Ebay…for now…need to source these too


love the rules!


What do they call it? The round LED bases I get from eBay are for bottles/vases/balls where the LEDs are a circular group in the center with a center hole for the light. I’ve not seen the ones with a slot & strip of LEDs in a circular base.


3d nightlights


Got it. Wish they sold the base separately. I hate throwing out the decorative tops they put on so I can put mine on instead.

The green guy in me hates the waste :slight_smile:


Great work! I’m so impressed and inspired! Thanks for sharing and what an amazing and thoughtful gift!


I’ve been looking at the dollar stores for something like this, but so far they haven’t done any LED nightlights. They do have boatloads of battery operated mini LED lights in all shapes and configurations. Great source for the electronics to repurpose. Not quite as cool with the color shifts. I’ve been studying up on circuits and LED light strips so I hope to have the ability to roll my own. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep looking for cheap alternatives. In the same ballpark as what @smcgathyfay has posted here. If you haven’t watched AvE’s vids, they are quite entertaining.


Can’t wait to try the fun foam thing too! I have an application where I would like to cut around an image stamped on card stock that has been adhered to fun foam. Do you think that would work in one go, @smcgathyfay? Or would I need different settings for the different layers?


May have to play around with the settings but yeah… it should work…cardstock doesn’t take much to cut…just have to make sure it’s not too hot as to scorch it…:slight_smile:


Settings are very similar for cardstock and 2mm foam…
Had to up the settings a bit but its doable. The card stock cuts clean but the foam’s kerf is wider (more melting than paper) so it pulls away a bit as you can see in the second close up…


Thank you SO much! It looks great! In my application the cardstock is on top and the fun foam is just for popping it up a bit, so that’s exactly the result that I want. Wooohooo!


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