Using GF Premium Features for Quick Jewelry

Just wanted to share some more projects created using the GF premium features. Nothing special, just here to give ideas. A friend asked me to make her things, but instead of sending over ideas, she sent a very long list of words and the earring type she wanted. This was the result of me not wanting to create 50 unique designs for things I really don’t have any passion for.


They all look great! I especially like the steaming coffee mugs. And that you are using my earring display design. :blush:


Word association interpreted by the Glowforge artist with premium images. These are great, and you are obviously a good friend.


She will love them!

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I really like the green Xmas tree pair. I’d buy them.

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I love your earring displays. It’s so much easier to take pictures now because of them. And the steaming mugs are also my favorite. Mostly because all I had to work with was “enamel camp mug, 1 stud, 1 dangle” and I really wanted to have something different between studs and dangles. So that one required more thinking.

@dklgood I didn’t complete the entire list. There is a part of me that cringes thinking about “hiking boot” studs and dangles. And I couldn’t find any good images of hiking boots. I did make some other earrings prior to deciding to use premium features. And added some of my own ideas, so hopefully that makes up for it. I still haven’t thought about how to make these into dangles. I thought about adding film to hang underneath, but it’s getting complicated, and I’m ready to move on.

@djfb the green dangle trees are one file from the premium clip art. I adjusted the top of the tree to make it wider to support a hole, and I added a spot for a hole to the star. I have green/gold two toned acrylic/laser plastic. So I just cut it out, and flipped the star over so that the gold shows in front. The whole pair took 48 seconds to cut.

@arh2 I hope so, because I’m not planning on doing this again. :rofl: She lost me at “football”…which was the first word on the list.


You are a great friend! The coffee cups are indeed the best!

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The coffee mugs are so clever.

You ARE a good friend! Did she just want a lot of earrings to wear? Are they gifts for various people? This is a LOT of earrings.


Not a good friend. After working on her requests, I’m tired, grumpy, and annoyed. I think I’ve reached my max limit of favors this year.


Sorry it wore you out. It is hard to tell friends and family no.

I need to start a huge project for myself … then I could say … I would … but have all of this to get done.

It’s easy to bite off more than we really want to chew.