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Hi! I sell designs on Etsy, and one of them got flagged for a possible trademark violation. Someone suggested it was because I use ‘made for a Glowforge’ and ‘glowforge svg’ in my tags. Is this not allowed? Does Glowforge go after people that use their name, even just to specify that files are compatible with it? TIA.

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Does it show you who flagged it?

It was an Etsy bot.

AFAIK Glowforge has no history of that on Etsy or anywhere else.

Most of Etsy’s in-house bot-generated trademark takedowns are being done through AI/ML analysis of listing images. For example, a Tiffany box in the staging, a Gucci perfume bottle on a shelf, anywhere a major brand logo might appear in the imagery have resulted in issues for sellers on Etsy. Brands that have a history of counterfeiting are the majority of what they’re looking for, so designer labels mainly.


Thanks for your response. For context, this is the listing they flagged:

I couldn’t find anything else that could possibly be an issue, so I’m just wondering if Glowforge has a problem with sellers using the name.

Your best bet is probably to contact Glowforge support if you want official clarification.

I don’t think they are policing any of that, unless you are representing your stuff as being from or officially endorsed by Glowforge (or implying that by being vague about it).


From the horse’s mouth:

Specifically in the PDF:


This is what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

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