Using glowforge with a phone hotspot

hey hive mind!
I’ve been searching and I’m not sure I’ve come up with the exact answer I was hoping to find in a recent post.
I know I can hot spot my laptop to my phone to use the GFUI, but can the GF itself be paired to the phone as well? I’m hoping to cancel my internet provider now that I’ve got a new data plan, but need to make sure I can connect the pewpewmachine!
I saw that the GF can connect with 2.4GHz, but I don’t know what that means for cellphones :confused:

thanks all for the help or pointers to correct threads!

Yes, your Glowforge can use a hotspot. Android is making it harder to broadcast a mobile 2.4GHz hotspot in each version (5GHz is preferred) but as of today it’s still possible. To connect your Glowforge, you’d hold down the big button for 10 seconds until it turns teal, then go to to connect it to your hotspot.


thank you!

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