Using My Factory-Installed 3D Printer


I just wanted to share my good news–my partner, The Jerome, and I have been working on a big design project using my factory-installed 3D printer. We look forward to it to being finished and ready for delivery in February 2017.


Good luck!
Thanks for the pics with that cool idea!


Thanks. :smiley: . The handmade papercut was one of those WBEWGs (Would’ve Been Easier With a Glowforge).


A Wonder to share that gift of life and love. All my thoughts and prayers for health, peace and family! And a most clever announcement pic and text!


Ahhh!!! HUGGEEE congratulations you guys!!!




Nerdiest baby announcement ever! Congrats! :grin:


I’m going to steal that and pronounce it webby-wigs.
Also congrats!


Thank you! We joke that we’re now using both our baby makerspace (robocutter, 3D printer, leatherwork studio, calligraphy/bookbinding studio) and our babymaker space (my internal organs). :wink:


ROFL! Congratulations! (Must admit, the 3D printer aspect had me running through some serious mental gymnastics for a moment…then it clicked.) :smile:

Way to go!


Wow, congratulations! What a cute way to announce it! (And you make a really cute couple by the way).


Thank you! We sure have a lot of fun together. :heart:


Congratulations & best of luck. Everything changes now :slightly_smiling_face:

Mostly for the better though :wink:

(Father of 4, last one in college now.)




Much congratulations!!!


I had the same experience…lol. Very clever!!



Thanks for sharing this news with us in such a cool way.


:blush: congrats. Very fun


Fantastic! Congratulations!


Congratulations on the Ultimate 3d Printer…not everyone can have one of those…you know!