Using Painter Tape as Masking Tape

Hello I am very new to Glowforge. Got my Glowforge back last week but now just using it after I went through getting my window vent set up.

I have a question I want to engrave my apple band, but I want to know if you can use printer Tape as Masking tape?

I’m not sure what Printer tape is? You can use any kind of masking tape like for painting the walls.

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had a typo, it painter tape

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Some painters tape leaves a gummy residue when engraved or cut, so suggest you test it first.


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I have had very good results using tape that is designed specifically for lasers.
I’m in Canada so can’t really order proofgrade materials, but have found that Trotec is a reliable supplier of laser-grade products. They have rolls of masking tape that are nice and wide, and easy to apply. (Make sure to adjust your thickness settings to accommodate the thickness of the tape.)
Personally, I would avoid regular painter’s tape.


Here’s the thread you’re looking for:

It addresses masking material and so much more, it’ll give you a huge leg up if you dig through it.

If you just want masking advice scroll down In that post just a bit.


Congrats on your new GF! Just a heads up, I’ve read that the original Apple bands don’t engrave very well, but the aftermarket silicon Apple bands do. So if yours is an original band and it doesn’t come out great, at least you’ll know why.


Thank you

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