Using proofgrade materials and not having them engrave the same or cut out

I have been so frustrated. I got my glowforge Aura just over a week ago and I have not been able to have one project print successfully. I have used proofgrade materials, and designs from the glowforge catalog and they are either not cut all the way through, and having it recut does not always line up even if I have not moved material. Or where the QR Code and label are the engraving does not go through. So this is my fourth 8+ hour project and about $60 in proofgrade materials down the drain. I even went ahead and bought the premium so I would have all of the tools at my fingertips to get good results and nope. Unfortunately I believe with the return policy I am stuck with this $1700 purchase. I am hoping I can get it to work.

Welcome to the community. I hope you can get it to work, too. One good idea for not wasting material is to try designs out using cardboard. Are the designs from the catalog optimized for the Aura? Some things just might not work if they were designed for one of the performance machines. Is your material also just for the Aura? Some of the proofgrade materials that work in the performance machines won’t work in the Aura.

Print the GOGM (gift of good measure) using proofgrade. That’s the file that support uses to diagnose problems and is available in the catalog. Note the time and settings and send those and a photo of your print to They will be able to help you. Best of luck.


One good reason for using Proofgrade is that if you send (email) photos of your sheets that did not work they will replace the sheets. Most of the time when I am engraving I run the cut out line as a score and then, very carefully remove the masking without moving the material. As the engraving will just make a mess of the masking to no purpose, it is better there to be rid of it.


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