Using Scraps for Jewelry

I had a bucket full of scrap pieces that were previously negative spaces in other cuts. I decided to make some brooches, earrings, and necklaces from them. Hopefully, my students will like them. I’ve been teaching them the business of art and we’re opening up a pop-up shop near our classroom to sell their products. I thought I’d join in on the fun to set an example of product, merchandising, and marketing. The labels are lasercut as well.


What a delightful collection of colors and shapes!

Really attractive use of materials and colors! What are the things that look like lungs in the first picture, lungs or just an abstract?

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Clever use of leftovers! :grinning:

Are those ribs??? I love!

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They’re the negatives from these toys.


They are!

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You should write a book. ‘How to turn trash into cash’ or ‘Zap the Scrap’,… Maybe ‘Tricks to turn Bits into Glitz with your Wits’.


Great titles! First I have to see if they actually sell.

I read that as zap the crap, still love it


Love it! What did you use to color on them?

I absolutely LOVE your work…the designs, the colors…everything!

That is very clever, and I love your work.

These are great, I’d love to see a tutorial of your coloring technique.

I typically would watercolor them. I posted on Instructables about that technique. However, in the last few weeks, I’ve been using my art markers. It takes up less space when I’m working, so I can color on the couch. There’s less color options as they don’t mix as well as watercolor, but the ease of use is a nice tradeoff.


Check it out on Instructables.


Oh my gosh, you should make a book made of these creatures. Layered up so each page places the character in a new place for each piece of the story. They’re amazing!

I must have missed that one, I’ll have to look it over. What art markers do you like?


Never too young to learn that you need business skills to survive as an artist. You are an inspiration to your students.

I just love your stuff! I’ve been following along on Instagram.