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Not sure how to use set focus. When I place a cutting board in to engrave do I set focus first prior to adding the letters/file I want engraved? Or do I place the file on the cutting board then set focus? If so when using set focus do you center the set focus square in the center of the board or in the center of your file?

Use the set focus prior to placing your artwork and make sure that the red beam lands squarely on the material.


ok thankyou will try that.

If you want your art centered on your board, I’d do it at center.
If you’re worried about it running off an edge, do it at that edge (or as close as you can get).
You can run it multiple times, but only the last location is the current view.

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hmmm well now I’m confused. If I put the artwork on it and set focus in the middle of the board the artwork moves. So I was hoping the first reply was the correct response to set focus in center of board then bring the artwork in. My artwork is on the bottom of the board. When I set focus it moves. I haven’t test the first response yet by trying to set focus prior to adding artwork. Are you saying if my art work is on the bottom to set focus on the bottom?

Yes, always use set focus before you place your artwork. It moves because the machine has no idea where the surface of your material is until you focus it.


Perhaps this helps?

Best way to use set focus:

  1. Open lid, put material on bed and close lid.
  2. Once the bed image loads use ‘set focus’ approximately near where you think you want the art work to go. The bed image will update.
  3. Add and place your artwork.

Do not swap steps 2 and 3.


Thank you - that takes care of my confusion!!


I do on occasion use Set Focus several times when placement location is critical. When you first close the lid, Set Focus may not hit the place you think you put it as the image it is showing could be fairly off the mark. If I use Set Focus three times and I do not see it jump I can be fairly confident it is looking where I want,

Yes that is overkill, but I do not want the design to twitch while it is being cut, and it is not like it takes all that much time.


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