Using tabs and finger joints

So I’m in the early stages of designing a frame for all these tiles I’ve created and was wondering, design-wise, if using both tabs and finger joints is acceptible. I wouldn’t want to create something that’s taboo.

Whatever you like is acceptable.

I think I’m most worried about the aesthetics. My daughter tells me I’m overthinking it, and I might be, but I’ll know better once I build the prototype.

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Try all things. They will usually be different than uninformed imagining.


I’m not a fan of the common tabbed/finger joints. Other people think they look great.

Try it and see if you like it. Use some scrap to try different ideas.

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I had not liked the big tabs of a half-inch wide or more, but the first thing I found was that they were much stronger, and as they got to the thickness of the material they looked much better,

Flat to flat is considerably weaker

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If you’re willing to put a little time in, folks here have posted about sanding the corners so they’re rounded which looks really nice, and combined with little tabs is drop dead gorgeous. Personally I like the looks of the finger joints, but as you’ve seen some don’t. Totes personal preference!

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I hear you.

I was picking out my clothes for my first day at my new locum tenens (fancy for “temp”) job and I suddenly realized I don’t know the fashion rules for masks. I made myself a stack of them to make sure I’d have enough, but it never occurred to me to think about the colors and prints I was using, and now I’m 2000 miles from home and stuck wondering if I’m making a fashion faux pas. Do masks have to match your outfit? What if all you have are print masks and they don’t match the prints in the clothes you’re wearing? :scream:

Today I wore the only mask I have that sort of matched some of the clothes I have. Starting tomorrow I will be wildly mismatched, mask-wise. There’s really nothing I can do about it!


You’re such a rebel! Good luck to you in your new temp job!


My mom worked at a nursing home and instead of purchasing her scrubs she made a base pattern and purchased the wildest materials she could find. She would even make scrubs for whatever holiday was coming up. Everyone always commented that they loved her scrubs - when she passed, I donated them to the nursing home.


Yeah, scrubs can be fun, until you get your whole wardrobe made and then the facility decides to standardize so everyone has to wear the same color. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I worked in geriatric facilities back in nursing school I always bought the wildest colored shoelaces I could find. The older folks spend a lot of time looking at your shoes, while you’re helping them with ADLs and stuff, plus watching the floor when they’re ambulating, and it gave them something fun to look at. They were always commenting on my laces. :slight_smile:


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