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Hi, I don’t use anything like Adobe illustrator or Canva. It seems lately that when I purchase an SVG laser cut file from Etsy, that it does not fit together correctly. Is there some trick to resizing these files to the thickness of your material, using only the Glowforge App? Thank you!

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If its just a matter of the slots being a different size than your material you can do it with some math - figure out what size slots are in your file and what percentage it’s different than your material. Select everything in the GFUI and resize by that amount. For example: you buy a file that has 4mm slots for some reason but you’re using 3mm Baltic birch ply. You’d resize the everything to .75 or 75% (3/4=.75) Note that your whole project will be bigger/smaller by the same %.

If the slots are in the wrong places, then you’ll need a design app or better yet, contact the seller and get a correct file out of them.


If there is an included pdf file from the seller, use that instead to prevent scaling.

Short of scaling the whole thing you would need something like Inkscape to modify individual parts like that. If you only have the app you can figure out the size of a slot by making a rectangle with the app, fitting it to the slot, and finding out what size that is. If it needs to be bigger then you can make the rectangle the correct size. Unfortunately, if a tab needs to be bigger, or a slot smaller, that trick will not help.

If things need to be that complicated, Inkscape is forever free to have, though some sweat equity to learn how to use it, but easier in the end.

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Thank you! I will try that!

Thank you! I can’t wait to try that

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