USPS Keychains

And complaining to FedEx doesn’t seem to make any difference. So sad you always have to go hunting your packages down.

Well, I’m just glad I changed my mind and had my glowforge changed to pick up at the a FedEx location. Because there is no way I could carry it around the block. Plus, it was already beat up when I got there, box was torn, handles were missing, and they had it standing up vertically. I can’t imagine what it would look like if they threw it into the bushes.

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Wouldn’t mess with anyone that can throw a packaged GF.


Definitely not.

Never thought about actually picking it up at the FedEx Office. I’ll have to check that next time. Would be worth it to drive the 20 minutes there, at least I’d know where it was.


Thank you for sharing!

So nice! Thank you!



Featured this in the Glowforge - Free Laser Files, Inspiration, and Help group on Facebook. Thanks for creating it!

Don’t thank me, i didn’t create the file. The OP did.

I broke the stamp holding mailbox while my wife is gone. So I had to make her a new one. This was just begging to be done. Thanks @raymondking32 !


Whoops, I hit reply rather than comment.

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That turned out great!

Thank you for sharing! My mail carrier is awesome and I am going to make her a Christmas ornament now :slight_smile: