Usually I like purple

This morning my first cut (engrave) stopped when it had just started and the power light turned a lovely shade of purple. Purple IS my favorite color, but not so much on this power button. The weather temp is 59 - BTW.

I turned off the unit, cleaned it from top to bottom, turned it back on, ran the project again without any problems. Not sure what happened, but I thought it should be documented.

If anyone has any insights on how to not have this happen again, or what this means, I would appreciate it.




I dont think it means anything terrible. It is really pretty tho!

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Exactly the same happened to me this morning. Rebooted and all back to normal. I believe my wireless was flakey.


It’s interesting that all of the recent reports of purple buttons and failed prints we’re the first of the day. And then successful prints after a power cycle. Mine was yesterday. Maybe a coincidence.


Thanks for letting us know about this! I’m glad to hear that you were able to get printing again, and I’m sorry for the trouble. I’ve passed this on to the team and we’re looking into it. If this happens again, please start a new thread - we’d be happy to check it out!

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