Varia Ecoresin safe to cut?

Hey all, I’ve got several sheets of a Varia Ecoresin acrylic that I wanted to try out in my glowforge but am not sure if it is safe or not. I looked up the Msds and it appears to be 100% copolyester which i think might be safe but I wanted to get some opinions before trying it out.
Thanks for the help!

MSDS_3form_varia.pdf (34.8 KB)

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Hi! Welcome to the community.
I have no experience with that material, but your answer lies in the ‘MSDS’, the material safety data sheet that lists the combustion by-products of the material.


Thanks for telling me where to look! I had never read a MSDS before so I wasn’t entirely sure what to look for. Looks like this material had combustion byproducts of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide seems to me like that would make it a no go, or am I just being overly cautious? I haven’t really worked with any acrylic except for some small proof grade piece


You’re welcome!
Yeah, the amount of CO should not be a problem, is your machine vented outside? It is primarily Chlorine you need to avoid. It will combine with atmospheric moisture to form Hydrochloric acid, and that will quickly kill your machine.


Yes the machine is vented outside and I have carbon monoxide detectors in the room.

Thanks for the info! This has been so helpful, I feel like I can pick materials to cut much more confidently now!


CO and CO2 are the primary byproducts of all wood-based Proofgrade materials (Draftboard, plywoods, veneers, & hardwoods), as well as PG leather.


Never heard of it but looking at the msds I think it is safe enough. The next question is will it cut decent? Some products like Delrin are safe but cut terrible.


That is a good question, I’ll post the results here after I test it out.

Update: so it didn’t cut super well, it might have cut better if the material was thiner but there was a lot of discoloration and and melting. The engraving worked okay, the engraved part was less discolored but still lost some detail due to melting.


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