Variable power supply

I wanted to know where you guys and gals were with that?

I’m curious too. Try posting this HERE and you may get a live answer in the Q&A today. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no discussion about the power supply in the live Q&A session today.

Yes there was. Dan said that the new power supply is being to perform variable power cuts but that the variable engraving has not been enabled in S/W as yet. Also:

Wow, I missed that, so much for trying to listen and work at the same time :slight_smile:

I guess I was listening for more of a technical discussion about the power supply and any information about what had caused the delays.


I don’t know if it had any bearing on it, but @Dan also said that they were not adding any new features and were just trying to get things done on time.

So from a design perspective, the requirements of the power supply (ie.- handle 1000x pulses per second) wouldn’t have changed, although the actual design of it inevitably did since they needed to contract it out to fix the issues.

In other words, does it do 2000x per second? Unknown.

I think Dan corrected that to “hundreds of times a second”.

Ah, good to know! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes, that was my mistake - bad mental math. :slight_smile:


Hate that I missed the live Q&A but looking forward to watching it ASAP

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Answered here:



In the April 20 Q&A, you talked a bit about the variable power supply. You mentioned that the GF software was working well with vector cuts, but the software was not yet ready at the time for raster cuts.

Might you be able to give us an update on this? Sorry if your answer is posted somewhere else on the forum, after a bit of a search I could not find one.

If someone else knows where the answer is, a link would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:



Low power is working well for both raster and vector. In fact, our default engrave setting is now low power, although varying power during a cut isn’t supported yet. We do have some ongoing knob-twiddling to make “low power” go even lower for more usefulness on lightweight materials.


Yes, that T shirt engraving highlights the usefulness of low power!


I wanted to know if you could release another video online to see how
things are going like maybe another QA video and wondering if you could
show a sneak peak on the catalog as well as tell us if we’re still on track
for the December deadline @dan