Vector and Design Programs List

I didn’t see any basic lists of the popular programs so here goes.

Adobe Illustrator - pc/mac Monthly Subscription

Affinity Designer - pc/mac 50$ US

Inkscape - pc/mac Free

Corel Draw - pc 130$ US

Commonly used 3D Software

Fusion 360 - pc/mac Free for hobbyists and business doing less than $100K a year.

Blender - pc/mac Free

SketchUp - pc/mac Free non-commercial version

Onshape - pc/mac Free version

Will add/change as needed. Trying to keep it to the most familiar programs for support purposes.


Good list of the basics. The F360 line should read "hobbyists and business doing less than $100K a year.


Awhile back I started a Google sheet with a bunch of useful links. Feel free to add to it or make changes.


This was intended for newer folks who just search the forum.


Nice list, this should be helpful for lots of people.


I agree. OK to start separate posts for newies, but the Link Repository is a fantastic resource and any links / resources not in there should be added to it by OPs as well.

With that in mind I have upgraded the Link Repository with the software links which had not already been entered.


Sorry if I came off rude or abrupt. I wasn’t trying to one up you or detract from your post.

And I think Corel Home & Student is for noncommercial use so no Etsy or craft shows.

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This great – thank you.

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For 3D CAD software, you might add Onshape from The free version allows unlimited storage of public files and the “Pro” version allows private files for $125/month.


Thanks. I was a little worried.
The Link Repository is great but easily overlooked if you are new here. Or even not, I admit to forgetting about it myself. The Search function doesn’t bring it up if you search just for vector programs or designing things.
And what I did is purposely a short list of most common ones so nobody feels overwhelmed.


Added since it is a good one to dip your toes in as it were. :slight_smile:

For some reason a bunch of people have asked for it to be pinned, but never happens

Thanks. I was hoping to find such info here one day. Being an “outsider” with no background knowledge to design programs, these program names are very helpful. thanks on behalf of those of us who need to LEARN things!


Your not that much of an outsider. Try as I might, still trying to learn how to draw, let alone how to make software create something from scratch.

I can modify to suit my needs.

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Link repository thread:

Apparently we are limited to 5 tags on a thread. so I dropped awesomeness and programs and added introduction and tutorial to make it potentially easier to find.


Affinity designer currently has a special for $39 instead of $49. Not sure how long the promotion is running, but very tempting…