Vector engrave display bug impacts Library thumbnail and Workspace

The workspace representation of vector engraves has changed. Details that were correctly interpreted are now ignored, resulting in a solid engrave area. The “Score” version in the image below shows the actual file details, which are no longer visible when set to engrave. This also impacts the library thumbnail.


The file has been in my library for some time. The thumbnail was “correct”. I opened it for the first time in a couple of months today, and the workspace image changed to the solid shape, and then the thumbnail changed to match as shown above.

The file still prints correctly.


Given the change, I did the same with another design that has vector engraves, but took a screenshot of the thumbnail before and after opening.



Strange, were they relying on the double exclusion rule or whatever it was called or in the file are they their own objects with cut outs like the text and border on the element name pendants. I’m probably not using the correct terms sry. I was also wondering if you re upload the file does it still do the same thing?
You can still kinda see the detail is there. on the side bar image anyway

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Yes, but the thumbnail was previously displayed as per the “scored” version shown, and the workspace view had displayed the “black and white” view, like this:

Ah ok so they are still a functional file? I was thinking that it might have been broken in some way as well instead of just the display, my mistake.
I really do wish they would revert the decision they made on that library change. I do not find it helpful at all but I guess that for the display image changes but i assume it is there so the people using the “premium” features can build something and have the thumbnail change to the design they have built.

File still prints as normal. Just a display and thumbnail change/bug.

Uploading unmodified file gives same results.

The only reason i can kinda see these ones is i set the opacity of the objects to 25% which will effect the engraving as well so that isn’t a useful work around unless you wanted to change all your settings.

Thanks, but I work a lot with vector engraves, I never use “fill” - see version set to “score” in first image, just design element paths. Existing files in my library that used to display as they would print no longer do, the entire bounding shape is solid in the UI and thumbnail.

Thumbnails for designs I haven’t opened since the change still looked fine. Then, when they are opened, then they convert to solid blobs, and the thumbnails change to the same.

I know how to work around it. The point is, it changed for existing designs already in the library.

Yar just having a talk about it was all, trying to understand it myself as i have a different workflow that seems to agree with the new blurry squares they have implemented. I will stop commenting and wait to see what support will say.


Weird. I’m not seeing that with my vector engraves. Maybe you should do the thing for them.

Here’s what mine looks like, after purposely opening several of my vector engrave designs to bring them to the top:

Going back to library this afternoon, the thumbnails have changed again:

I went in to the first design (Ta/I) and the workspace image was still solid. When I exited, the thumbnail reverted to solid as above. I went in and back out again, and it now looks as it did before (as in this post.)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention along with detailed notes and screenshots. I remember that we got your browser information a couple weeks back on a different ticket, but in case there’s been any change would you please let us know which version of Chrome you’re currently running?

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Version 81.0.4044.113 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Same behavior in Safari, current version (14.1).

Thanks so much for the additional details. One more question: what design software do you use? I want to test different build methods for files to better understand the impact of this display issue.

I use Inkscape.

The update to design library has fixed the preview there, but the issue still exists in the workspace. Just passing along feedback from the update…

Thank you for the detailed report and screenshot. I’m glad that the thumbnail now looks correct!

I’ve let our team know about the visualization inside the workspace so they can continue investigating, and I’m going to close this thread for now.

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