Vector Material Test

VectorMaterielsTest I have been working on a Full Spectrum laser ( ) and they have a really nice built in function to create a “Materiel Test” you specify the range, and number of divisions (6 stops from 10 to 60% power in 10% increments say) for both power and for speed.

They then generate an array of small squares that form a grid of power and speed settings you entered.

This allows a quick determination of optimal settings for a new materiel.

I have attached an SVG that achieves this goal, but man is it a slow process. I had to create each of the squares at a different RGB value, then when I get them into GFUI, I have to create a custom setting for each one of them, and make a guess at what green should be so I can get it cut out…

I am looking for the way to share my GF drawing where I have done all that work, but am still a NEWB, so I don’t know how to do that.

The left item is a ¼ Baltic Birch plywood from Rockler.
The right is 1 ⅛ inch plywood from (I think) Dunn Lumber.
The settings here range in speed (horizontal) 100 - 460 in increments of 40. Power from 10 to 100 in increments of 10. If I had a real materiel test tool, I would make a second grid in the 60-90 power and the 160-200 speed range to get the best “Consistent cut with minimal smoke damage” setting. For now I will use the top most row of the right most column that cut through.


which model?

It is no longer in production, but analogous to: P-Series

Pro 36x24 Laser

  • RetinaEngrave ethernet enabled
  • Motorized Z-Stage: 10"
  • 36"x1" sheet feed through
  • Knife edge grate with part collector drawer
  • Heavy duty components
  • Starting At $7,995
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What wattage is it? I’m always curious.

130 (upgraded from 90) it is at a local Maker Space.

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You know, that’s a great suggestion. :+1: @dan, throw that in the hopper.


Sadly that isn’t possible. There is no way to define laser settings in the artwork so you can’t share a file with the setup intact.

Time for my next feature request :smile:


The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

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That is my fervent hope :sweat_smile:

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the catalog designs have settings and instructions attached, so there is a way… we just don’t have access to it yet. Maybe it will be a function of the AI plugin… that’s still coming, right? :grin:


I do keep hoping someone will develop a righteous hack that makes settings in files possible.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request.

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