Vectorize - a new Mac app

This new app on the mac app store may be useful for some of you. It turns bitmaps into vectors.

While design programs like Inkscape and Illustrator can also do this, there is more of a learning curve to it. There are also free online links that do the same, but they have their own limitations.
I am tempted to get this; the price is reasonable; I generally like their apps, so why not.


what’s the name of that adobe app that vectorizes stuff?

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I wonder how they compare?

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I just downloaded it and uploaded a very bad image that still is going to need a bit of work, but it shows you the sliders, etc. on the right. The way it is right now, I can’t use it, but then I haven’t played with it yet. I bought it now half price, but wouldn’t get it at full prize probably.

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Not showing on my Mac app page (but I am running Mac OS Beta)

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Not on mine either, even when you search for the creator (their other apps show…)

Not that I’d pay for it…


I bought a copy and gave it a try but it doesn’t work very well. In my brief testing it sometimes omitted portions of the image (e.g., if there was some text, half the letters would be missing).

Every file it generates needs a lot of cleanup. It has no concept of background color so on a typical black and white drawing it will generate a ton of white filled shapes.

Also, it only generates filled regions. It makes no attempt to find lines and generate stroked paths for those. That’s the one thing I’d find useful (to generate cut/score lines) but this program doesn’t appear to be able to do it. I’ve never asked for a refund on the App Store but I think I will in this case.

I prefer Super Vectorizer 2 which costs about the same. It’s not a great program either (it has a lot of shortcomings) but at least I find it useful for certain tasks. I usually use it in Line mode, with the Skeletonization option enabled, for converting line drawings to vector format. With some tweaking of the settings it often produces very usable stroked paths suitable for scoring/cutting.


Last time I looked into it, VectorMagic (which I still haven’t used myself) was the one to beat:

Here’s another free web-based (Glitch) one I have bookmarked:


Yes, but that one is $295. These others are under $10. :slight_smile:

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