Veener for Anker Power Bank

I wanted to see if I could wrap a Anker Power Bank/Battery with the Proof grade veneer. A little planning, some paper practice, and it came out beautiful!


Ooooh! Sharp! :sunglasses:


Very nice! I have an Anker Power Bank too - never thought to give it a wrap!

Awesome job!

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Wow! That’s unbelievable!

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testing the wrap on paper first… that’s S-M-R-T right there!


That is just too cool!

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Beautiful job!

Hunted around to find the bamboo veneer that I got from inventables… Now looking around to see what I can wrap.

Nice ! (It doesn’t affect or cause any heat buildup -right?). I’m surprised I haven’t seen Alexa’s and dot wrappings/stands/cases in this forum…


Oh, snap!! looks great…

Well there’s going to be now!

@monosyth really cool! I’ve mentioned before about this company, but ever since I did one of their cases on a phone, I’ve wanted to attempt to wrap miscellaneous things myself. Glad to see that someone has done it in the forum and using paper first? Genius.

Someone did an Alexa cover here but I haven’t seen a Dot cover. Maybe because it’s smaller & less obtrusive?

Wow, this came out great. The battery pack looks so much better with a little funk!

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Oh, that Apple Pencil wrap they have is giving me ideas. So cool.

And your username is doing the same for me! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh, alexa wrap with a couple tones of veneer.