Vegan Leather Settings

Hi, I’m wanting to experiment with vegan leather made from cactus with cotton/polyester backing. They have several varieties with slightly different thicknesses etc, but the kind I have is 0.9 mm. Any suggestions on what custom settings to use? Thank you!

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I don’t, but I know a way you can find it!


I’d want an MSDS. I’m unable to find anything that says what the leather is made of. The backing seems fine but I’d want to be 100% sure that the “leather” is pvc free.

Made from cacti is promising but doesn’t rule out the presence of pvc.


The original patent only lists tannic acid, glycerin, and water - but that expired in 1925 so it’s possible the newer companies are using differing methods.

Ooh - the Desserto version specifies PVC-Free here so it looks like you may be good! :slight_smile: