Veneer will knock your socks off, Draftboard in the starter pack, and referrals round the world 9/5/17


Seems like this should be in Announcements instead of P&S.

Are there proper storage guidelines included with the troubleshooting draftboard? It seems like having the board severely warped from long term improper storage could make it useless by the time it is needed.

Good to hear there is variety being added to the free pack of Proofgrade. It is free, so I cannot complain really. But I was a bit dismayed at the lack of variety when I opened mine.


So I ordered Veneer on Friday. Any chance of upgrading it before it ships?

Send an email to and we can look into it for you.


Yeah this is great. Def should post in announcements


first and foremost thanks for the referral program, y’all. deeply appreciative.

with that said what a roller coaster this email was.

“glowforge customer serv-”


“you referred someone”


“here’s some money back!”


in re forum, i agree this would be better served in announcements, but all these minor updates having been going in p&s so they’ve clearly got a philosophy about it.


Since the contents of the Starter Pack have changed could you post an updated list? It really helped my choose how to use my store credit.


Okay this sucks!
No I don’t mean the great changes to the material or the announcement… what bugs me is that the catalog is now open to people who didn’t even support Glowforge.
Currently only people who have received their golden ticket can get access to the catalog and to pile more on top they can invite people unconnected to purchase material I can not even get access too. I would love to place orders for proof grade material so I have extra on hand for the binge forge’n that will happen with the family when the machine arrives. Wow this just feels insulting
@dan if you doing this you should open it to all.
this needs it own topic.

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OR. Politely ask another forum member to be added as a friend to their glowforge. This is a pretty friendly group of folks here and if you have developed a friendship with someone, then I’m sure you can ask them to be added to their GF and then you can also have access to the catalog and store.


Yes This is a friendly group but it requires someone from the golden ticket group and really do they want to add someone they only know on a forum. I purchased on day 5 and I can’t order material but someone not even aware of this company can order if they happen to know someone who bought a machine on day 1. Not right in my opinion.

I can see the desire to stock up in advance. But I would caution against it. If you had ordered last week, the new (nicer) veneer wouldn’t have been an option. A month or two before that and draftboard didn’t exist.

By the time you get your machine, your desires for wood may have changed significantly. And there is fair chance of warped wood from storage for too long (though also sufficient time to de-warp wood which can arrive with minor warping, so this point is a toss-up).


Hi jacobturner,
Yes your correct, but the point is I don’t have access to something that others non connected to Glowforge do, I also have storage capability for materials with warpage in mind. Also in some cases you want wood to acclimate to its environment. There are ways to hold material from the edge during process that also helps with warpage down (think tongue and groove here). If I do change my mind then I will also have material for machine testing and just for knick-knack things.

I placed an order the other day for nearly everything but veneer. Premonition? Not really, I just don’t know what to do with the veneer, so the starter kit will probably do me for a while.


i honestly don’t want to minimize your affront but of all the things to be upset over, i don’t get it. they’re not selling proofgrade for use with other projects - although nothing is stopping you - it’s mostly designed for their laser cutter.

also, no one was ever promised access to some proofgrade store before they received their laser. just try to have a little more patience, we’re almost at the end.


Sure we were - it’s been known for a long time that we get both store & catalog access as soon as we say “yes” to the do-you-want-it email. But I do get what @dpruitt is saying even though he’ll have access before his GF comes with plenty of time to place & receive :proofgrade: orders before receiving his machine , others have access NOW without ever having even ordered one. I’m not upset about it, but I do agree it isn’t quite right.

except i’m using received the way that glowforge uses ‘ship.’ my point stands.

their store was designed to work with their laser cutter. while nothing is stopping you from saving some of your orders for other projects, obviously, there’s no real moral issue to them letting authorized, real glowforge users have access before someone who has no laser to use them on.

i guess we’ll have to split there. i see zero ethical issues.

I imagine they don’t let you have store access until you get your forge so the demand ramps up slowly and doesn’t swamp the store.

I don’t know why they don’t let us look at the catalogue although one probably can’t buy if we don’t have a dashboard to put them in.


Only because they were invited by someone that has received their Glowforge.

If I bought the first 2018 Widget WizBang Car in my part of the state, I can allow others to ride in it (and even drive it) before the next person in my part of the state got their car, correct?


Good analogy.


The purpose of those people getting access to the store is that they have been given access to someones Glowforge and will need materials. Just because I gave my daughter and one of my best friends access to my machine doesn’t mean I’m willing to buy their materials for them. It makes perfect sense. They have access to a machine, they should have access to the raw materials also.
I could understand being upset if the general public could look but not those that purchased and hadn’t received their machine, but that’s not the case.
I hope this comment helps, it was in no way meant to belittle you or attack you.