Vent cover--for the win!

I am no fan of the industrial looking vent covers that are in every room of my of my house. One of my Glowforge goals was to replace them with something that a) was artistic, and b) didn’t rust in humid environments. My first attempt was off by about an inch because frankly I usually don’t know what I’m doing, but I give it my all. My second attempt succeeded! My next attempt may incorporate a hidden frame with keyhole hangers so I don’t have to look at those screw heads. :slight_smile:



Much nicer! (And you don’t even notice the screw holes, but if it bothers you, a dab of white nail polish or paint on the screws will make them disappear.) :grinning:


Toothpaste also works.


I really like the pattern you’ve used for that! I have one of those on my “must make” list as I have a hole in the ceiling right now that is missing it’s vent cover. It’s too wide for me to make a single piece in the GF basic, so I need to figure out how I want to deal with that.

I have a vent cover in the living room that twice as long as this one. I think I might be able to puzzle it together.

nice. i have one made out of draftboard and painted the same color as the wall, but we haven’t installed it yet.

That’s what I figure I’ll have to do with mine. I think mine is around 28" x 10". I’ve just started playing around with kerf, one of the things I’m going to need to have figured out before attempting that project. The next will be coming up with the pattern that the wife will approve of. She wants something super simple but I’d like to be a bit fancier. I mean I have a laser and all, why shouldn’t it be fancy? :rofl:

What material did you use?

It’s like a work of art now rather than a vent cover!

Proofgrade medium acrylic.

Nice solution

Looks very nice!

This is so nice! What a fun design and much more aesthetically pleasing than the typical vent covers.