Ventilation for the GF



Any insight out there on using a 4 inch y adapter ventilation duct in conjunction with my home dryer? Living in a small house, where all space is appreciated. Wanted to know if there is any harmful effects the GF would have on the dryer or vice versa, sharing the same ventilation duct. Here’s a pic of the duct that would lead out to a damper. Any insight would be awesome!


The hot moist air from the dryer would not be good for the Glowforge and visa versa the fumes from the Glowforge would not be good for the dryer or your clothes so unless you have a way to close off each hose, this probably is not a good idea…


Thanks for the info. I’ll just have to give it its own line. Just didn’t feel like putting a hole in the wall.


If the current hole in the wall is accessible (not directly behind the dryer or something), you could just not run the dryer and laser at the same time, and swap which one is connected to the hole at any moment.

Likely to forget to swap it out once or twice… but don’t need to bother with a new hole at least.


You could blast gate each of them, couldn’t you?


Just remember…humidity is NOT good for the laser



I was thinking a blast gate at the beginning of the series (one for each) which would isolate the 2 from one another. Possible?


That would be best if thats your only option. Only open it when running the laser so you have outflow pressure in the hose


Blast gates, also maybe some kind of flap/check valve if you can find something that would operate at low pressure without messing up flow?

It might be spensive, but if you went for electrically operated gates, each one might be open only when its machine was turned on. (but also remember if you have longish runs you will need a booster fan for the gf.)


I bet we could design and create a 4" check valve that would prevent backflow using the Forge. Combine some off-the-shelf 4" fittings with a flap and silicone seal. May need to be counterbalanced to work right with low velocity air flow. Just thinking out loud…


I saw these magenetic dryer connectors the other day and couldn’t think of a good use for them… Now I can.


Nice find.
I feel some DIY coming on…
Wonder what tools I have that will cut nice round holes in things?


My dryer is almost exactly their “B” sample case, except no access at all from the sides (and barely any from above). I dread pulling that thing out. Even without swapping the glowforge connection I see that as an awesome product to have :slight_smile:


I would personally do a dedicated line, but if you really need to do a splitter you can put in a damper that would close off one or the other:


I’d be more afraid of forgetting to open the dryer side than forgetting to open the Glowforge side. A blocked dryer vent could conceivably lead to a house fire. I think modern dryers check to make sure the vent isn’t blocked, but I wouldn’t count on them, personally.


A blocked gf vent might not be so great either. You’d ultimately be venting that volume of combustion(ish) products into your house. But you might notice earlier.


That’s where you use your GF to make huge signs to remind you


Huge Signs for Huge Sins



I’ll just link to this, so you don’t have to…


Ooh, that reminds me: good opportunity to make that “Clean the Cat Box” timer.