Venting Exhaust Through Roof of Warehouse

Per our landlord, we are required to vent the exhaust for the Glowforge through the roof instead of through a vent in the wall. There are no windows to vent out of. We are due to move into this space in September, and the landlord wants a plan for the venting. Does anyone have sound advice on how to accomplish venting through the roof and be within code? This is in north Texas.

it’s like a dryer vent
there is minor amounts of heat, but there is smoke, I would very much suggest getting a in line booster fan in the chain.

as long as you have the opportunity run 6" vent pipe to the roof and make sure to get a water proof cap, and at the bottom of the run, put a “t” to catch any condensate / rain water - you don’t want moisture coming into your glowforge.

Paging @dwardio

My advice – don’t muck around with wimpy booster fans. Here’s my ventilation solution…

I’ve been running this rig for the past four years – blasting out over 350 CFM means no smoke, no smell, no condensate, no animals in the pipe. No cap, either – the 45° downward facing exit makes it weatherproof.


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